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Motion PowerStart

Training CD for Apple's Motion software product, produced by DV Creators.

DV Creators had produced a great many training products, but this was the first one made with Revolution. The company uses an innovative learning strategy they call "chunkalizing", which breaks training videos into segments and provides easy navigation between segments.

We implemented their design in a way that not only delivered this product on time and within budget, but also laid the foundation for a framework they could use to build any number of similar products in the future.

We are a world leader in training for digital video producers. We have worked with several programming firms and consultants over the years in production of disc-based interactive learning products, but unfortunately, with one exception, we have ended up redoing most or all of their work due to their lack of expertise or commitment to quality.

That one exception is Richard Gaskin of Fourth World Media.

We just completed a Revolution-based training project on DVD-ROM with Richard, and we are delighted with every aspect of the collaboration. Richard created a technically robust, programmatically streamlined and elegant, and aesthetically beautiful implementation of our product spec that outshines every other past product we have ever released due its superior performance, bulletproof reliability and pleasing look and feel.

The process of working with Richard was both efficient and enjoyable, from outlining the project spec to bug fixes and revision requests. Rather than just hacking together some code that would do the job Richard built a platform that will make production of all our future projects a streamlined process.

We are now laying the groundwork for our next project with Fourth World. The ability to work with a true Revolution genius like Richard, and not having to author interactivity in-house, is going to enable our company to finally move to our next generation learning environment, a plan we've had for years.

Josh Mellicker
DV Creators