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Appplication Design and Development
for the Desktop, Web, Mobile, and the World In Between

We build web sites, desktop and mobile apps, and a few things in between that leverage the best of both environments. We also provide consulting on usability, documentation, and process optimization. If it can happen in software, we can help make it happen for you.

Our work is driven by a passion for the quality of the user experience, with a keen eye for return-on-investment for our clients and their customers.

We're not just developers, we're business owners too. ROI is the key to sound business investments in software. For our work to be successful it must deliver unquestionable value to your own customers, while delivering a healthy profit to you.

This ROI-centric approach helps us tailor project scope, development methods, tools selection, and feature rollout schedules to move software products forward profitably version after version. Now celebrating our 17th year in business, we've helped our clients through three recessions to enjoy the boom years in between even more. We can do the same for you.

Custom Software Development

Organizations come to us with a great idea, and we realize it for them in software. Most of these applications are often for vertical or educational markets where traditional development methods like C++ would be prohibitive. Using high-level tools like LiveCode, we can deliver efficient solutions for relatively modest budgets. Our experience in this area includes:

  • Commercial Software Products
  • Computer Based Training
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Online Reference Systems
  • Client-Server Net Applications
  • Peer-to-Peer Net Applications
  • Porting SuperCard and HyperCard programs to Windows, Linux and even mobile platforms like iOS and Android

Web Design, Development, and Hosting

We've been designing interactive media since before the web was invented. Our clients depend on that experience to assemble and coordinate teams of designers, engineers, and hosting companies to provide complete web solutions for our clients, including:

  • Establishing a New Web Presence
  • Site Makeovers
  • Distance Learning Solutions
  • Online Reference Systems
  • Streaming Video
  • Search Marketing
  • E-Commerce Systems
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Custom Search Engines
  • Vendor Relations Enhancements
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Affordable, Reliable Hosting

Usability Consulting

As a 20-year professional and an active member of SIG-CHI, IxDA, UPA, and other usability organizations, Richard Gaskin has the experience and resources to refine your application or web site to make it more useful and valuable for your audience.

Usability consulting can range from comprehensive user testing to simple heuristic review, tailored to fit your budget.

A great option for small businesses is our Makeover In A Day package, in which we'll review your existing web site or software product and offer a report describing specific directions for refinement for a flat rate of $750.

LiveCode Training

Fourth World's founder and CEO, Richard Gaskin, has presented at nearly every Revolution conference held to date, published articles on LiveCode in magazines such as MacTech, and is the editor of LiveCode Journal, a community-driven web resource for LiveCode developers.

Over the many years he's been teaching LiveCode he's helped hundreds of people learn to get the most from this powerful development system.

Having trained both individuals and organizations, both in person and remotely by phone, email, and teleconference, we can help beginners get a powerful start with LiveCode, and provide coaching for intermediate users to learn more about specific areas of development.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help your organization just drop us a note.