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"Frankly, I am more concerned about those two guys In a garage
than of the competitors that I already know about."
Jeff Bezos,

Welcome to the Fourth World Garage

If you found your way to this page, you might be the sort of person we were hoping to reach.

This is for the builders, the ones who make the systems others use.

The gear we have here at the Fourth World Garage isn't for the average person. The average person already has a laptop, and a phone, and probably a tablet.

Sure, you have those too, and you have other computers, and you're up to your armpits in server space, and yet your imagination is so big that's still not enough.

And so you're here. Welcome.

Go ahead. Be disruptive. Invent something that shakes things up a bit.

Here at the Garage we have some gear and tips to help assemble the toolkit you'll need to build whatever you can imagine.

DevServer 1: El Camino

To kick things off we've put assembled and tested DevServer 1, a kit using off-the-shelf components from our favorite online vendor to deliver an affordable small system to test your web applications.

This little gem is a lean, green, web app machine. The CPU runs on just 10 watts of power under load, and with an SSD you can add this to your network to develop and test your most exotic applications and have it always on tap for just pennies a week in electricity.

With a machine like this in your office you can let your imagination run free, developing more boldly than you would dare to do on your public server. You can experiment, refine, and once you get perfect you can then move your app to your public host and move on to the next challenge.

"The thing I worry about is some guy in his garage
inventing something I haven’t thought of."

- Bill Gates, Microsoft