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Case Studies


LiveCase Medical Training CD-ROM

For Dr. Edward Perper
Animation MD

The instructional material for this computer-based training project was divided into 11 scenarios, each of which presented a challenge to the learner with a question to test their knowledge. Each answer invokes a different response, with instructional material unique for the answer given. A progress indicator at top shows the number of completed and remaining scenarios, and can be used for navigation as well.

While the content and media elements each scenario was different, all scenarios used the same three-stage structure (presentation -> question -> feedback), suggesting a time savings in developing the project to the degree that its construction could be automated.

This led to the creation of a simple multimedia construction language for this project. The aim of this language was to use the existing script format as delivered by the instructional designer as much as possible, with the addition of a few tags to distinguish content sections. The simplicity of the construction language makes it suitable for instructional designers to use directly, with the interpreter program written to be as forgiving as possible so the instructional designer can focus on content without being distracted by a more rigid tag structure such as XML.

Template objects were created for each of the interface elements in a scenario, which were copied by the interpreter and modified based on the contents of the instructional script. The result was a a project delivered well under budget, with a foundation that could be extended to build a wide variety of tutorial programs.

I worked with Richard over several months on a major project and it was truly a pleasure. The results were outstanding and I will definitely be working with him in the future.

Edward J. Perper, MD, FACC
Animation MD