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Commercial cross-platform application which generates static Web pages from databases.

We'd been enjoying an in-house version of WebMerge for years as a solution for our clients who needed simple database publishing. After coming across requests for such a tool, we added some features, enhanced the interface, and shipped version 1.0 in December 2000. Since then we've release three new versions, each adding powerful new features, all of them derived directly from customer requests.

This product illustrates two key points about how we work:

1. The product's design takes it's guidance from the end-user.

We identified early on that a tool like this will not be used every day like a word processor, so we integrated fundamental Help elements directly into the layout. With a tool used daily, such treatments would get in the way, but in this case they serve to help the new user get started quickly, and serve as reminders for subsequent uses later.

And by breaking the workflow into three sets of steps, the user is more encouraged than they would be if the same nine steps were presented separately.

2. Using the development tools and methods we've come to rely on, we can be unusually responsive to customer requests for new features. In the amount of time it takes many development firms to have specification meetings, we can put new features right into the customer's hands.

The index generation is a real neat feature. You sure know your users.
Your user interface rocks! I am amazed. Your UIs are always the best.

Debdoot Das
Digifilm Interactive Studio