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Case Studies


Exploring the Estuary

Porting a Mac educational application to Windows,
for the Aquatic Outreach Institute

Exploring the estuary was originally developed by the Aquatic Outreach Institute using HyperCard for Mac OS.

The project was ported to Windows in short order using Runtime Revolution, with no significant changes to the appearance or behavior of any part of the program:


Mac version done in HyperCard


Windows version, in Revolution.

Can't see the difference?
Good – that means we did our job.

Given Revolution's much faster runtime execution, one of the toughest challenges with converting the tutorial for Windows was slowing down some of the animations.

"Richard Gaskin was a pleasure to work with. He was professional,
thoughtful, articulate, courteous, completed the work on time
- and we loved the finished product. We recommend him highly."

Kathy Kramer
Executive Director
Aquatic Outreach Institute