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IBIS Interactions

Developed for Integrative Medical Arts Group, Inc.
in conjunction with Jacque Gay of HyperActive Software.

This product is a specialized database of drug/herb interactions, designed for use by practitioners, pharmacies, and insurance companies.

Having successfully delivered two versions of IMA's flagship product, IBIS, we wer contracted to lead the design and engineering effort for this product as well.

Like it's companion product IBIS, Interactions contains comprehensive seach and annotation features, presented with an easy-to-use index.

Since we had built a series of custom tools for managing IBIS content, we expanded those tools to faciliate creation and editing of content in this new program as well, including a custom HTML editor specialized for this type of medical content.

"The IBIS practitioner program was originally written as a single platform application. Richard Gaskin of Fourth World not only rewrote the program to accommodate a multi-platform application, but far exceeded our expectations in performance and in less time than scheduled.

"Due to Fourth World's expertise and unsurpassed commitment, our product, IBIS Practitioner, was taken from a single platform application to a multi-platform application with an unprecedented savings in time. His attention to detail coupled with a 'can do' attitude was instrumental in increasing performance and reducing the cost of this program."

Larry H. Park
Director of Operations
Integrative Medical Arts Group, Inc.