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Links to Other Revolution and MetaCard resources on the Web

Alan Golub's excellent online magazine devoted to Runtime Revolution, including news, tutorials, and more.

Sons of Thunder Software
STS is focused on providing consulting, stackware conversion and custom application development services. We also provide resources, downloads, tips and tricks to Runtime Revolution developers.

HyperActive Software
Articles, applications, and other resources from one of the worlds' most experienced xTalkers.

The Rinaldi XCMD Collection
Home of the worldwide known Rinaldi Collection (since 1989), with over 200 first rate freeware XCMD and XFCN to download, fully documented and supported by the author (also known as the XCMD Factory)

Altuit RunRev Site
Chipp Walters' site devoted to exploring Revolution and MetaCard scripting and application building.

RunRev Code by Shao Sean
Source code, objects and snippets for free use by any Revolution/MetaCard developer.

The Flexible Learning Company
Tremendous collection of tools and examples for Runtime Revolution developers, including the powerful Scripter's Scrapbook.

The Slug's Objects Collection
Despite The Slug's humble name, his tools and objects are well worth the download.

Great new collection of tools and utilities for Rev.

RunRev Planet
Toos, tips, and more - not to be missed.

The Worcester Source
One of the most promising new collections of well-crafted tools in the Rev community.

XTalk Access Collection
A contribution to the growing XTalk community of professional, hobbyist and novice scripters. It is meant to be "non-political" with the view that all XTalk scripters are valid, irrespective of their choice of program or platform.

Sweat Technologies
Numerous Runtime Revolution libraries and other utilities, including libXMLText, libCursor, libColor, and more.

Tactile Media
Scott Rossi's very inspiring collection of downloadable games and tutorials made with Runtime Revolution.

Sarah's Revolution Page
A collection of utility stacks provided as unlocked project files, so scripters can poke around and see how they work. .

Andre Garzia's great Rev-based framework for delivering web applications.
Great new index of Rev resources on the web.
Library stack which has several functions and handlers for array manipulation, matrix algebra and inversion, date/time conversion, and statistical and multivariate analysis (including a permutation test, bootstrapping, combinatorial routines, and some dissimilarity measures).

Materials for Stata, MetaCard, and Revolution
Graph and table objects that MetaCard and Runtime Revolution programmers can use to facilitate line graphs, scatter plots, tables, and spreadsheets. These objects are easy to paste into any MetaCard or Revolution project, and the file includes extensive documentation and examples.

Jim Hurley's Revolution Page
Tools, Utilities, Games, and Simulations to be used with Runtime Revolution, including a Bezier line plug-in and a Rev implementation of Turtle Graphics.

Björnke's Corner on the Web
This is Björnke von Gierke's site, featuring his programs and stacks made with RunRev.

MetaMedia (English) and MetaMedien (German)
The website "MetaMedia" has the intention to improve communication between people - students and faculty - having to do or participating in seminars, workshops, projects, and research at the University of Kassel, Germany, that use X-Talk-Languages.

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