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Free Downloads for Revolution and MetaCard

RevNet - A service for Runtime Revolution and MetaCard developers
This free plugin downloads and opens RevNet, an AOL-like online journal and resource index specifically for Revolution and MetaCard Developers. RevNet's index of downloadable stacks provides a form so you can add your own stacks, making them instantly available to all RevNet users. Also contains a convenient index to the Sons of Thunder Revolution Tips archive, links to Web pages devoted to Revolution and MetaCard, and more.

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4W Property Sheet
Plugin utility for quickly editing nearly all object and global properties.


RunRev icon 4W_Props.rev

RevBench / MetaBench
Benchmarking tool for comparing runtime speed of different algorithms.

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RunRev icon 4W_RevBench.rev

4W Stack Browser
Plugin utility for quickly traversing substacks and cards of any stack file.


RunRev icon 4W_StackBrowser.rev

4W UmbrellaMan
Plugin to monitor selected system messages as they are fired.


RunRev icon 4W_UmbrellaMan.rev

4W Gestalt
Example stack illustrates how to obtain a variety of system info.


RunRev icon 4W_Gestalt.rev

4W LibDoh
D'oh! is a poor man's OOPS (if you'll pardon the Simpsons pun), an experiment in a rudimentry parentScript implementation.


RunRev icon 4W_libDoh.rev

4W RevListSearch
This simple plugin lets you conveniently launch Google searches of the Use-Revolution mailing list archive from within the Rev IDE.

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4W FormMaker
A quick and easy way to create forms for your Runtime apps. Just enter a list of field names, click the button, and a new group of editable fields is created with matching labels.

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