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WebMerge - Publish your database to the Web

WebMerge - Publish your database to the Web  Download WebMerge

"This is an incredibly easy program to use and has saved me hours of time creating index pages for my online store. The perfect solution since all of my product data is already in Microsoft Access."
Mike Miceli

You can download WebMerge right now using the link below. WebMerge is available in a separate downloadable installer for each operating system.

This free version will let you process up to 20 records from your database records. There is no time limit – take as long as you need to try it out. All features are fully functional in this free version, limited only by the number of records you can process.

When you pay the licensing fee you will receive a registration code which will unlock the product and allow you to generate a nearly unlimited number of files (the specific number of files you can work with in WebMerge is limited only by available memory; many of our customers generate tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands without dificulty).

4W WebMerge requires no DLLs, extensions, CGIs, or other components. Everything you need to start generating pages is included in one easy-to-use application.

To download WebMerge just pick the appropriate link for your operating system:

Current Version: 4W WebMerge 2.6.1

Platform File Name Size

 Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7

webmerge.exe 3.1 MB 2.6.1
 Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later)
Universal Binary format for both
PPC- and Intel-bases Macs
webmergeOSX.dmg 7 MB 2.6.1

 Linux - most current distros; developed on Ubuntu 10.10 4.7 MB 2.6.1

Note for current customers:

If you're using any verision of WebMerge 2.0 or later, this upgrade to v2.6 is free!

Just download the latest version and you can continue to use the registration code you've been using with your older version.

We really appreciate your choosing WebMerge, and the many free upgrades we've been delivering is just our way of saying "Thanks!"

If you really need to send us money, remember that customers who've already purchased a license for themselves can puchase a second license at the low price of just $44.

What's new in WebMerge 2.6:

  • CSS support has been added to tables. You can now specify CSS classes for the table, row, and cells with the TableClass, RowClass, and Cell class tags, respecively.

  • The new WM-BBCode tag allows you very simple BBCode syntax in your database fields to describe web content.

  • Improved performance of the modulo operator for the WM-If tag.

  • WebMerge now handles pagination of index files more robustly with some combinations of settings.

  • Improved FTP Settings window in both appearance and functionality.

  • Fixed bug in which index number serial numbers weren't padding correctly if the padding options were chosen.

  • Added better error-checking in the Sources tab setting delimiters.

  • Various other enhancements and bug fixes. All reproducible issues have been addressed for this release.

See the WebMerge FAQ for details on each release of WebMerge.

Please check back here periodically for new versions. We upgrade the product regularly, and post new builds addressing bugs almost as soon as they're reported.

We hope you enjoy using WebMerge as much as we do. We rely on it all the time. If you have problems downloading, suggestions for new features, or any feedback at all, please drop us an email at

"I just purchased the program after trying out the free demo,
and all I can say is I wish I'd found you years ago!

"Webmerge is simple to operate and will save me months of
tedious manual work.

"Thanks for creating a product for the real needs of webmasters."
David Ross
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How WebMerge works with your database and Web tools.

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Technical support information for registered users.

Build complex sites with expert assistance.

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Speak Up!

Each new release of WebMerge is driven by requests from people like you.

If there's a feature you'd like to see, drop us a note or use our Feedback Form.