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If your organization could benefit from using WebMerge but could use some help getting started, consider contacting one of the WebMerge experts listed below.

We work hard to make WebMerge as easy to use as we can, and most of our customers are able to build their first site with it the day they bought it. But for building complex sites, or if you're just a busy manager and would like someone else to do the setup for you, the experts listed here have the experience to get you going quickly.


"I have personally and successfully used WebMerge to create and manage a network of more than forty websites at

"I have already helped dozens of WebMergers get through the sometimes mind-numbing WM learning curve by providing a free tutorial, including downloadable templates and a sample datafeed, at and in frequently responding to WM Support Forum questions.

"I am also willing to occasionally consult with and assist struggling WebMergers in 1) Preparation and/or cleaning of datafeeds to ensure that they are WebMerge compatible; 2) Creation and/or troubleshooting of basic WebMerge templates and settings files to create multi-tiered websites; and 3) Responding to specific questions and problems encountered in using WebMerge to create multi-tiered websites."

Fred McGregor
Web ProCreate

"WebMerge consulting, from basic advice, to one-on-one answers, to site and template building.

"Our website also offers a complete datafeed and WebMerge tutorial for those who want to get a free head-start.

"HTML and CSS coding advice and site building are also available."

Henry Lair

"We design templates for use with Web Merge that feature excellent organic search engines results and sales.

"Design is not our strong point but functionality is. We integrate your design with the affiliate databases as structured through Web Merge. Search engines change their ranking parameters often and Web Merge is a fantastic tool to update your website in minutes.

"We offer ongoing support to keep your website at the top for you, we offer one time template service, just a boost to help you pick up the program quicker, we can train you in both Web Merge and SEO. We will custom fit your needs."

"One of our affiliate websites is"

Disclaimer: We provide this listing as a convenience for our customers, but please remember that the companies and individuals listed here are not employees or agents of Fourth World Media Corporation, and as such Fourth World Media Corporation assumes no responsibility for claims made or actions taken by any these consultants.
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