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LiveCode Journal
LiveCode Journal was founded in 2003 as a resource for the LiveCode developer community.

With dozens of articles and tutorials contributed by other LiveCode developers, it also includes a forum for the Rev Interoperability Project, hosts the mailing list for the RevIgniter server development framework, and much more.

LiveCode Journal is all about you, whether you're just getting started with LiveCode or are an expert. As a community resource, we encourage you to submit suggestions for articles or other resources we can include there, and if you'd like to manage a section of your own please send an email and let's see what we can do to provide that for the community

devolution 4

devolution is a plugin for LiveCode that can dramatically streamline your workflow - check it out

LiveCode Articles

Handy Handlers
Column at LiveCode Journal by Fourth World's Richard Gaskin.

Each column explores the construction of a useful LiveCode handler. Topics covered thus far include error handling, encryption, and other topics of interest to LiveCode developers.

Extending the Message Path
An Introduction to Using Libraries, Backscripts, and Frontscript

LiveCode offers an event-driven object model with an easy to use message inheritance scheme, and includes features to extend it.

Beyond the Browser
Rediscovering the Role of the Desktop in a Net-centric World

With the advent of Web applications, many interface designers have been limiting their work to those systems which can be delivered in a Browser window. Using a wider range of tools, technologies, and protocols, a designer may find some tasks better served through Net-aware desktop applications.

Scripting Style Guide
Helpful tips for xTalk, Lingo, and other 4GLs

Scripting languages are often easier to learn than more formal languages like C++, but this ease of use can seduce us into use a less disciplined code style which is hard to read and costly to maintain. By adopting some of the best practices of formal languages, scripters can reduce errors and shorten development cycles.

LiveNet: A Free Service for LiveCode Developers

The GoLiveNet plugin included with LiveCode downloads and opens LiveNet, an resource for LiveCode developers. Free tools and utilities are available there, a fresh overview of recent activity in the LiveCode forums and discussions list, and an archive of the weekly Community Newsletter.

And best of all, you already have it:

In the LiveCode IDE's Development menu see Plugins -> GoLiveNet

LiveCode-Related Discussion & Social Medias

LiveCode Forums
The official LiveCode forums, sponsored by LiveCode Ltd.

Use-LiveCode List
Mail discussion list for LiveCode, sponsored by LiveCode Ltd.

Large LiveCode group on LinkedIn - great place to post requests for contractors

LiveCode User Group on Facebook

Google Plus
LiveCode Developers group on Google Plus

Find LiveCode posts on Twitter with #LiveCode

Join the LiveCode IRC channel on Freenode

LiveCode discussion on Gitter

Stack Overflow
The Q&A on Stack Overflow is a great venue for getting answers quickly

Read and share LiveCode links on Reddit

LiveCodeLA group on Facebook
Spanish-language discussion group for LiveCode

LiveCode Italia
Italian discussion group for LiveCode

Other LiveCode resources on the Web
BYU: Programming in LiveCode
Devin Assay's best-of-breed tutorial series for LiveCode.

LiveCode Wiki
MaxV's great community-built LiveCode wiki.

Sons of Thunder Software
Comprehensive categorized collection of tips and tricks for LiveCode.

HyperActive Software
Articles, applications, and other resources from one of the worlds' most experienced xTalkers.

The Rinaldi XCMD Collection
Home of the worldwide known Rinaldi Collection (since 1989), with over 200 first rate freeware XCMD and XFCN to download, fully documented and supported by the author (also known as the XCMD Factory)

ReactorLab: a Rich Client Internet App with LiveCode
Richard K. Herz' Reactor Labs, a distributed simulation toolkit

The Flexible Learning Company
Tremendous collection of tools and examples for Runtime Revolution developers, including the powerful Scripter's Scrapbook.

LiveCode Lab
Toos, tips, and more - not to be missed.

Tactile Media
Scott Rossi's very inspiring collection of downloadable games and tutorials made with Runtime Revolution.

Materials for Stata, MetaCard, and Revolution
Graph and table objects that MetaCard and Runtime Revolution programmers can use to facilitate line graphs, scatter plots, tables, and spreadsheets. These objects are easy to paste into any MetaCard or Revolution project, and the file includes extensive documentation and examples.

Björnke's Corner on the Web
This is Björnke von Gierke's site, featuring his programs and stacks made with RunRev.

MetaMedia (English) and MetaMedien (German)
The website "MetaMedia" has the intention to improve communication between people - students and faculty - having to do or participating in seminars, workshops, projects, and research at the University of Kassel, Germany, that use X-Talk-Languages.

MetaCard y Revolution
A comprehensive Spanish-language tutorial on Transcript programming.