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RevLive is here!
RevLive is happening in San Diego, California, November 2 through 5.

Tons of fun, lots to learn, great people to meet.

LiveCode Journal
LiveCode Journal was founded in 2003 as a resource for the LiveCode developer community.

With dozens of articles and tutorials contributed by other LiveCode developers, it also includes a forum for the Rev Interoperability Project, hosts the mailing list for the RevIgniter server development framework, and much more.

LiveCode Journal is all about you, whether you're just getting started with LiveCode or are an expert. As a community resource, we encourage you to submit suggestions for articles or other resources we can include there, and if you'd like to manage a section of your own please send an email and let's see what we can do to provide that for the community

devolution II in development

devolution is undergoing some radical enhancement. Sit tight, good things a' comin;...

LiveCode Articles

Handy Handlers
Column at LiveCode Journal by Fourth World's Richard Gaskin.

Each column explores the construction of a useful LiveCode handler. Topics covered thus far include error handling, encryption, and other topics of interest to LiveCode developers.

Extending the Message Path
An Introduction to Using Libraries, Backscripts, and Frontscript

LiveCode offers an event-driven object model with an easy to use message inheritence scheme, and includes features to extend it.

Beyond the Browser
Rediscovering the Role of the Desktop in a Net-centric World

With the advent of Web applications, many interface designers have been limiting their work to those systems which can be delivered in a Browser window. Using a wider range of tools, technologies, and protocols, a designer may find some tasks better served through Net-aware desktop applications.

Scripting Style Guide
Helpful tips for xTalk, Lingo, and other 4GLs

Scripting languages are often easier to learn than more formal languages like C++, but this ease of use can seduce us into use a less desciplined code style which is hard to read and costly to maintain. By adopting some of the best practices of formal languages, scripters can reduce errors and shorten development cycles.

Interview with Andre Garzia
Author of Rev On Rockets and more

In this latest interview, Andre Garzia discusses using LiveCode on servers, his Rev on Rockets framework, and a whole lot more.

SQLite Diff: A Software Product Marketing Case Study

In this article David Simpson provides tips for marketing your product he's learn from selling this great database tool.

RevNet: A Free Service for LiveCode Developers

The GoRevNet plugin downloads and opens RevNet, an AOL-like online journal and resource index specifically for LiveCode developers. Free tools and utlities are availble there, along with a convenient index to the Sons of Thunder Revolution Tips archive, links to Web pages devoted to LiveCode, and more.

And best of all, you already have it:

In the LiveCode IDE, see Development -> Plugins -> GoRevNet

Revolution Tutorials
Beginning Programming in LiveCode
Comprehensive lecture Notes from a course in learning programming with LiveCode by Richard James and Russell Hansen. Covers all of the basics and then some, from basic text manipulation to animation and more.
Translating HyperTalk to JavaScript
This document summarizes some of the common translations between HyperTalk and JavaScript, from the basis of what a beginning-level HyperTalk programmer might know.
Comparing HyperTalk to Pascal
This detailed MacTech article compares a variety of language elements, including variable declarations, file I/O, operators, control structures, and more.
LiveCode Tips and Tricks
Ken Ray's extensive archive of scripting solutions for Transcript.
HowTo: Use a LiveCode Window interface with the Linux Shell
Tutorial by the good folks at Novell on using Revolution to build a GUI for common shell tasks.
Introduction to Revolution CGIs
HyperActive Software's excellent tutorial on using the Rev engine for CGIs will get you started quickly.
Building a "Rich Client" or "Internet App" with LiveCode
Richard K. Herz of Reactor Labs will get you going with 'Net apps in Revolution.
Polling the Mouse in LiveCode
HyperActive Software's Jacque Gay explains the do's and don'ts of polling mouse events in LiveCode.
Standalone Builder Tutorial and More
Chipp Walters of Altuit has put together some impressive and helpful tutorials on using Revolution.
Converting HyperCard Stacks to LiveCode
HyperActive Software's tutorial will help you convert your stacks with maximum compatibility and minimum headaches.
MetaCard y Revolution
A comprehensive Spanish-language tutorial on Transcript programming.
LiveCode functions
HyperActive Software's excellent beginner's tutorial on writing and using functions.
Revolution FAQ
Malte DeBrill's Revolution FAQ wiki
MetaMedia (English) and MetaMedien (German)
Wilhelm Sanke's wonderful collection of tutorials, tools, and more, now in two languages.
LiveCode-Related Discussion Lists
The main discussion group for LiveCode, sponsored by RunRev Ltd.
While not a discussion list per se, it is the premier webzine for LiveCode developers and has some feedback discussion from readers there.
Revolution Board DE
German-language discussion of LiveCode.
A working group of documentation and education professionals for making recommendations for enhancement of the Revolution documentation.
Revolution IPC
Working group for planning and development of libIPC, an open source library for inter-process communication between Rev-based apps.
Rev Interop
Working group for defining a standard for handling component metadata in software developed with Runtime Revolution.
Planning discussion for extensions to all xTalk dialects, including LiveCode, SuperTalk, OpenTalk, and others.
SoCal Rev
Planning discussion for the southern California regional Revolution User Group.
Working group for the MetaCard Integrated Development Environment, and open source project.
Working group for an open-source IDE to provide a HyperCard-like experience for LiveCode developers.
Other LiveCode resources on the Web
The links list got too big so it now has its own page.

Click here for links to other LiveCode resources on the Web.

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