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Case Studies


Gastric Acid Secretion Tutorial

For Department of Physiology
University of Melbourne
Distributed by AD Instruments

This tutorial makes extensive use of interactive animations to describe the process of Gastric Acid Secretions.

The challenge Fourth World met with this project was to take this tutorial application from Mac to Windows using Revolution, without modifying the appearance of the program or the program itself.

Making extensive use of animated simulations, the product was converted well within the established budget and is now available for an audience ten times larger than before.

I have been delighted with FourthWorld's high level of interest and attention to user-problems, and especially pleased with the detailed explanations provided for solutions to my problems. I was also very impressed with the rapid feedback to my questions, and quick turnaround of beta versions (3 in 2 days at one stage!).

Debbi Weaver
Department of Physiology
University of Melbourne

More info about the software can be found at these links:

Evaluating an Interative Hypothesis-Testing Tool to Aid Student Understanding - "Gastric Acid Secretion and its Regulation"
Paper by Robert Kemm, Debbi Weaver, Agnes Dodds*, Glen Evans* Deirdre Gartland*, Tom Petrovic, Leanne Delbridge and Peter Harris
Department of Physiology, and Multimedia Education Unit*, University of Melbourne

Development and Evaluation of a Model-building Tutorial
Paper by Debbi A. Weaver, Peter J. Harris and Lea M. D. Delbridge
Department of Physiology, The University of Melbourne